Research and understand casino roulette

Making smart and more convenient decisions for your game, making use of roulette systems , developing a strategy, among others, are the keys that we will present here as an answer to how to win at roulette:

The newbie’s key : research, understand and practice before going to bet

If you are new to betting, specifically to the game of roulette, this is the first key that you should pay attention to.

It is not recommended that from one moment to another, by an impulse or a desire, and without having greater knowledge of the game and how it works, you go into spending your money on it. If you do not know the different types of roulette bets, their payouts, as well as the existing variations and the special rules that apply to them, you will be leaving your results completely to chance.

It is clear that you cannot influence the outcome of the spin, but you can position your bet in such a way that your chances of winning are higher.

Keep in mind that many players interested in roulette start out at the game, make full bets or other random bets and usually leave empty-handed after that.

Clearly this is not what you want since it is because of something that you wonder how to win at roulette.

So, do not start your bets lightly but before going to put your money on the table you should take your time to learn about the different variations of the game (French, American and European roulette), about the bets, the payments dice and the probabilities handled, as well as the special rules that can be found in the different variations of the game and you have to understand how these rules influence the house advantage and can benefit you.

Find the best roulette.

When answering how to win at roulette it is very important to orient yourself towards the best game choice. If you pay attention to key 1 or you already have a little knowledge about the game, you will know that the popular variations of roulette are these 3:

  • The French roulette : it has a single 0 and an advantage for the house of 1.35% when has the special Active Partage rule.
  • The European roulette : one is 0, but the house edge is located in a 2.70% because it does not apply the special rule above.
  • The American Roulette : meanwhile has a pair box 0 and another for 00, leaving the house edge at 5.26%.

By seeing the house advantages that these games present and by knowing better its special rules and characteristics, it can be deduced that French roulette is the best choice when looking for how to win at roulette.

This is due, for example, to the fact that by choosing French roulette and applying a betting system or strategy that leads us to make simple bets (that is, red or black, even or odd, or low and high numbers) we can take advantage of a rule that establishes that when in this case the winning number is 0, the game returns to the player half of the bet made.

If the game of a single 0 does not apply this rule, then what happens is that when you bet on any of these options and the result is 0, green box, the winner will lose the entire bet as with any number that does not belong to the option chosen.

Now, French roulette is a bit difficult to find, especially in land-based casinos, but you should know that online casinos are getting easier and easier to find. Of course, before entering to bet on any roulette that claims to be French, it is essential to make sure that this special rule is active.

If you cannot find this highly recommended version, you can also choose European roulette to place your bets, since its advantage is less than that presented by the American one.

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How does the D’Alembert strategy work?

Initially, to understand this strategy you must be clear that it is a negative progression, which leads us to increase the bets when we have lost and to reduce them when we win. In this way, it is presented as a suitable strategy for those players who are not afraid to risk a good amount of money, seeking to recover previously lost bets.

Of course, something that you should be very clear about is that in this strategy, unlike the martingale, the increase in bets is done more slowly, so you will not risk so much money in a short time.

But how to apply the strategy?

  • To apply this strategy, it is normally done in roulette, although it can be used in those games in which the safe bet is offered.
  • Now, to start betting with it, you must set the amount of money that you will have as a betting base. You place the bet and keep this same amount in the bet that follows if you have won.
  • But, if you lose what you will do is increase your bet, but only by one unit.
  • So if you start your bet with 1 euro and the result is a winner, then the next bet will remain at 1 euro. But, now you have lost so in the next one you will have to increase one unit, so you will bet 2 euros and if you lose again you will increase one unit again, thus betting 3 euros.
  • In this bet you win and since it is safe bets the payout will be 1 to 1. Then your profit will be 3 euros, with which you will be able to recover the 3 euros that you had lost in the previous spins.

Now, continuing with the application of the D’Alembert strategy , since you have reached a neutral balance, you decide to continue betting. In this case, what you should do is decrease one unit to your previous bet. So if the winning bet was 3 euros now you will bet 2 euros.

It is essential to clarify that if in the first play, the one of 1 euro, you win, then you do not decrease but you keep. The base unit never goes down.

Now that you know how it works, you should know that what is sought with the D’Alembert strategy is to generate a profit that helps to recover the lost bets or that is at least close, although if you are lucky you can clearly also leave with a profit .

This can be explained on the assumption that if the player manages to generate a profit that is close to the sum of the bets he loses, then the strategy will allow him to cover the losses and even get a little advantage.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Among its main advantages is helping to recover, without risking too much, the money that has been lost. Likewise, in the short term and if you are lucky you can generate small profits.
  • Regarding its disadvantages, keep in mind that in the face of an extensive losing streak, it may not be possible to generate profits and only a part of the money played will be recovered.
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