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 Post subject: Tractor Manufacturers: Appendix of the Name Game
PostPosted: Mon Nov 18, 2013 7:12 pm 

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To compile a list of Tractor manufacturers I thought I would start a single thread and connect to the individual page we came up with the names. All of the following names have been obtained thru various sites noted at the bottom. All are in black until a picture and/or description of the tractor is obtained at which time it changes to red. Those in blue are a brand name of a tractor and the manufacturer is listed with it. Here goes nothing. LOL

Abenaque Machine Works, Westminster Station, Vermont
Acason Farm Tractor Company, Detroit, Michigan
Acme Cultivator Company, Leetonia, Ohio
Acme Harvesting Machine Company, Peoria, Illinois
Adams-Farnham Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Adams Husker Company, Marysville, Ohio
Adams Sidehill Tractor Company, The Dalles, Oregon
Adaptable Tractor Company, Indianapolis, Indiana
Advance Thresher Company, Battle Creek, Michigan[/url]
Advance-Rumely Thresher Company, LaPorte, Indiana
Aerco Corporation, Hollydale, California
Agrimotor Tractor Company, Wichita, Kansas
Agro, Puech, 116 bis, Rue de Tocqueville, Paris, France
Ajax Auto Traction Company, Portland, Oregon
Ajax-Picrom Company, San Francisco, California
Alamo Engine & Mfg. Company, Hillsdale, Michigan
Albaugh-Dover Company, Chicago, Illinois
Albert Lea Tractor & Mfg. Company, Albert Lea, Minnesota
Alberta Foundry & Machine Company, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada see Canadian Tractor
Allen-Burbank Motor Company, Los Angeles, California
Alfa Romeo, Milan, Italy
Algona Mfg. Company, Algona, Iowa
Allegheny Gear Works, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Alldays & Onions Pneumatic Engineering Co. Ltd, Birmingham, England
S.L. Allen & Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Allen Tractor Company, Chicago, Illinois
Allen Water Ballast Tractor Company, Location unknown
Allied Motors Corporation, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Allied Truck & Tractor Corporation, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Alligator Tractor Company, St. Louis, Missouri
Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Alma Mfg. Company, Alma, Michigan
Altgelt Tractor Company, Location unknown
American-Abell Engine & Thresher Company, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
American Engine & Tractor Company, Charles City, Iowa
American Farm Machinery Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
American Fork & Hoe Company, Montrose, Iowa
American Gas Engine Company, Kansas City, Missouri
American Gas Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
American Implement Company, Cleveland, Ohio
American Implement Corporation, Los Angeles, California
American Mfg. Company, Indianapolis, Indiana
American Merchandise Mart, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
American Standard Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
American Steel Tractor Company, Canton, Ohio
American Swiss Magneto Company, Toledo, Ohio
American Three-Way-Prism Company, LaPorte, Indiana
American Tractor & Foundary Company, Charles City, Iowa
American Tractor Company, Des Moines, Iowa
American Tractor Company, Detroit, Michigan
American Tractor Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
American Tractor Corporation, Peoria, Illinois
American Tractor Corporation, Churubusco, Indiana
American Tractor & Harvester Company, Stuttgart, Arkansas
American Tractor & Implement Company, Cincinnati, Ohio
American Well Works, Aurora, Illinois
Anderson Company, Minnesota Transfer, Minnesota
Anderson Foundary & Machine Company, Anderson, Indiana
Andrews Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Andrews-Kinkade Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Angola Engine & Foundry Company, Angola, Indiana
Ann Arbor Hay Press Company, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Antigo Tractor Corporation, Antigo, Wisconsin
Appleton Mfg. Company, Batavia, Illinois
Ariens Company, Brillion, Wisconsin
A.P. Armington, Euclid, Ohio
Arnold-Sandberg Machine Company, Terre Haute, Indiana
Aro Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Arrow Mfg. Company, Denver, Colorado
Arthurdale Farm Equipment Corporation, Arthurdale, West Virginia
Athey Tractor Company, Chicago, Illinois
Atlantic Machine & Mfg. Company, Cleveland, Ohio
Atlas Engineering Company, Clintonville, Wisconsin
Aulson Tractor Company, Waukegan, Illinois
Aultman & Taylor Machinery Company, Mansfield, Ohio
F.C. Austin Company, Chicago, Illinois
Austin Motor Co. Ltd, Longbridge Works, Northfield, Birmingham, England / Societe Anonyme Austin, Liancourt (Oise), France
Auto Tractor Company, Chicago, Illinois
Auto Tractor Company, San Francisco, California
Auto-Track-Tractor Syndicate, San Francisco, California
Automotive Corporation, Toledo, Ohio
Automotive Motor Plow Company, Carthage, Missouri
Autopower Company, Detroit, Michigan
[url]]Avance, AB J.V. Svensons Motorfabrik / AB Avancemotor, Augustendal, Sweden[/url]
Avery Company, Peoria, Illinois
Avery Power Machinery Company, Peoria, Illinois

B.F. Avery & Sons Company, Louisville, Kentucky
Babiole, Ivry-sur-Seine, France
Back Auto Plow Company, Fremont, Nebraska
Backer Tractor Company, Royal Oak, Michigan
Backus Tractor Company, Alton, Illinois
Badley Tractor Company, Portland, Oregon
Bailor Plow Mfg. Company, Atchison, Kansas
Baines Engineering Company, Dover, Ohio
Baird Machine Company, Oakville, Conn
A.D. Baker Company, Swanton, Ohio
Baker & Baker, Royal Oak, Michigan
Baker Mfg. Company, Springfield, Illinois
Baker Tractor Corporation, Detroit, Michigan
Ball Tread Company, Detroit, Michigan
Banting Mfg. Company, Toledo, Ohio
Barnes-Granger Corporation, Kansas City, Missouri
Barry Tractor Company, Muscatine, Iowa
Baskins Tractor Company, Location unknown
Bates Machine & Tractor Company, Joliet, Illinois
Bates Tractor Company, Lansing, Michigan
Bauche, European in origin
Bauroth Bros., Springfield, Ohio
Wm. C. Bealmear, El Monte, California
Bean Spray Pump Company, San Jose, California
Bear Tractor Company, New York, New York
Beaver Mfg. Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Beaver Tractor Company, Stratford, Connecticut
Bedford Tractor Company, Bedford, Indiana
Beeman Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Belarus see Minsk Tractor Works
Robert Bell Engine & Thresher Company, Seaforth, Ontario, Canada
Belle City Mfg. Company, Racine, Wisconsin
Beltrail Tractor Company, St. Paul, Minnesota
Benjamin Tractor Company, Dallas, Texas
Benz-Werke Gaggenau GmbH (part of Benz & Cie.), Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Benz-Sendling Motorpfluge GmbH, Unter den Linden 57/58, Berlin NW7 (later Berlin-Charlottenburg), Germany
Daimler-Benz AG, Stuttgart-Unterturkheim, Germany

Besser Mfg. Company, Alpena, Michigan
C.L. Best Gas Traction Company, San Leandro, California
Bethlehem Motors Corporation, East Allentown, Pennsylvania
BIG BUD Tractors Inc., Havre Montana
Big Farmer Tractor Company, Fort Madison, Iowa
Big Four see Gas Traction Company
Big Lizzie, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Birrell Motor Plow Company, Auburn, New York
Biwer Mfg. Company, Cresco, Iowa
Blazer Mfg. Company, Cleveland, Ohio
Blewett Tractor Company, Tacoma, Washington
John Blue Company, Huntsville, Alabama
Blumberg Motor Mfg. Company, San Antonio & Orange, Texas
Boenker Motor Plow Company, St. Charles, Missouri
Bolens Products Company, Port Washington, Wisconsin
Bollstrom Motors Company, Marion, Indiana
J.G. Bolte, Davenport, Iowa
Boring Tractor Corporation, Rockford, Illinois
Boss Tractor Mfg. Company, Detroit, Michigan
Bower City see Townsend
Boyett-Brannon Tractor Company, Atlanta, Georgia
David Bradley Mfg. Company, Bradley, Illinois
Bray Corporation, Pasadena, California
Bready Tractor & Implement Company, Cleveland, Ohio
Breda Tractor Company, Italy
Allen Breed Tractor Company, Cincinnati, Ohio
Brennan Motor Mfg. Company, Syracuse, New York
Brillion Iron Works, Brillion, Wisconsin
British-Canadian Tractors Ltd., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Brockway Tractor Company, Bedford, Ohio
Brown Cultivator Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Bryan Harvester Company, Peru, Indiana
W.G. Buck, Warren, Ohio
Buckeye Mfg. Company, Anderson, Indiana
Buckeye Traction Ditcher Company, Findlay, Ohio
Buffalo-Pitts Company, Buffalo, New York
Bukh, Denmark
Bulkley-Rider Tractor Corporation, Los Angeles, California
Bull Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Bull Dog Tractor Company, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Bullock Tractor Company, Chicago, Illinois
Bungartz, Munchen, Germany
Burn Oil Tractor Company, Peoria, Illinois
Burtt Mfg. Company, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Cabelas likely imported to the USA
Caldwell Vale, Adelaide, South Australia
California Tractor Corporation, San Francisco, California
W.P. Callahan & Company, Dayton, Ohio
Cameron Tractors, Inc., New York, New York
Campco Tractors Inc., Stockton, California
Can-A-Ford Company, Sparta, Michigan
Canadian Rein Drive Tractors Ltd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Canadian-American Gas & Gasoline Engine Co., Dunville, Ontario, Canada
Canadian Tractor, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Cane Machinery & Engineering Company, Thibodaux, Louisiana
Capp Bros., Stockton, California
J.I. Case Company/J.I. Case Threshing Machine Co., Racine, Wisconsin
J.I. Case Plow Works, Racine, Wisconsin
Caterpillar Tractor Company, Peoria, Illinois
C-E Tractor Company, Toledo, Ohio
Centaur Tractor Corporation, Greenwich, Ohio
Central Machine Works, Indianapolis, Indiana
Central Tractor Company, Greenwich, Ohio
Central Tractor Company, Great Falls, Montana
Central Machine Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Challenge Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Chamberlain, Welshpool, Western Australia
Champion Tractor Company, Argo, Illinois
Chandler Motor Car Company, Cleveland, Ohio
Chapron, Puteaux, France
Charter Gas Engine Company, Sterling, Illinois
Chase Motor Truck Company/Chase Tractors Corporation Ltd., Syracuse, New York/Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Chief Tractor Company, Detroit, Michigan
Christensen Engineering Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Citroen, France
Cizek Mfg. Company, Clutier, Iowa
Clarke, Airborne, Detroit, Michigan
Clayton & Shuttleworth, Lincoln, England
Cleveland Engineering Company, Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland Horseless Machinery Company, Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland Tractor Company/Cleveland Motor Plow Company, Cleveland, OhioCluff Ammunition Company, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
C.O.D. Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Coates Mfg. Company, Loma Linda, California
Cockshutt Farm Equipment Company Ltd., Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Coleman Tractor Corporation, Kansas City, Missouri
Columbs Machine Company, Columbus, Ohio
Columbus Tractor Company, Columbus, Ohio
Combination Saw & Tractor Company, Denton, Texas
Comet Automobile Company, Decatur, Illinois
Common Sense Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Commonwealth Tractor Company, Chicago, Illinois
Commonwealth Tractor Company, Kansas City, Missouri
Community Industries, Sullivan, Illinois
Community Mfg. Company, Los Angeles, California
John Compodocina, Stockton, California
Connors Hoe & Tool Company, Columbus, Ohio
Consolidated Gasoline Engine Company, New York, New York
Consolidated Implement Mfg. Company, Ogden, Utah
Continental Cultor Co., Springfield, Ohio
Continental Tractor Company, Continental, Ohio
Convertible Tractor Corporation, St. Paul, Minnesota
A.E. Cook, Odeboldt, Iowa
Herman Cook, Sioux City, Iowa
Cook & Roberts Machine & Equipment Company, Oregon City, Oregon
Cooper Engineering Corporation, Sunland, California
Co-operative Mfg. Company, Battle Creek, Michigan
Corbitt Company, Henderson, North Carolina
Corn Belt Motor Company, Waterloo, Iowa
Corn Belt Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Craig Tractor Company, Cleveland, Ohio
Crawley, Saffron Walden, Essex, England
Creeping Grip see Western Implement & Motor Company
Crockett Bros., Stockton, California
Crookston Mfg. Company, Crookston, Minnesota
Crosley Motors, Cincinnati, Ohio
Crown Iron Works, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cultiller Corporation, New Brunswick, New Jersey
Cultitractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cultor or Continental Cultor Co., Springfield, Ohio
James Cunningham, Son & Company, Rochester, New York
Curtis Form-A-Tractor Company, Chicago, Illinois
Curtis Motor Car Company, Little Rock, Arkansas
Cushman Motor Works, Lincoln, Nebraska
Custom Mfg. Company, Shelbyville, Indiana
Custom Tractor Mfg. Company, Hustisford, Wisconsin
Cuyahoga Tractor Sales Company, Cleveland, Ohio

Dain see John Deere
Dakota, De Smet, South Dakota
Danielson Mfg. Company, Independence, Missouri
Dart Truck & Tractor Corporation, Waterloo, Iowa
Dauch Mfg. Company, Sandusky, Ohio
David, France
David Brown Ltd., England
Davis Gasoline Traction Engine Company, Waterloo, Iowa
Davey, Paxman & Davey later Davey, Paxman & Co, Colchester England
Dayton-Dick Company, Quincy, Illinois
Dayton-Dowd Company, Quincy, Illinois
Decker Machine & Tractor Company, Chicago, Illinois
Deere & Company, Moline, Illinois
Wm. Deering & Company, Chicago, Illinois
Demarest Bros., Waldo, Ohio
DeMesmay Motor Hoe, France
Denning Motor Implement Company, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Denver Tractor Company, Denver, Colorado
Dependable Truck & Tractor Company, Galesburg, Illinois
Depue Bros. Mfg. Company, Clinton, Iowa
Homer M. Derr, Brookings, South Dakota
Detroit Engine Works, Detroit, Michigan
Detroit Harvester Company, Detroit, Michigan
Detroit Line Drive Tractor Company/Detroit Tractor Company, Detroit, Michigan/Lafayette, Indiana
Detroit Tractor Corporation, Detroit, Michigan
Deutscher, Son & Walker, Hamilton, Victoria, Austrailia
Deutz, Cologne, GermanyDiamond Iron Works, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Dexheimer, Wallertheim, Germany
Diamond Match Company, Chico, California
Diamond Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Diana, Tavros (Athens), Greece
Dice Engine Company, Anderson, Indiana
Dill Tractor & Mfg. Company, Little Rock, Arkansas

C.H.A. Dissinger & Bros. Company, Wrightsville, Pennsylvania
Dixieland Motor Truck Company, Texarkana, Texas
H.C. Dodge Inc., Boston, Massachusetts
Do-It-All Tractor Corporation, New York, New York
Doe & Sons, Ulting, Essex, England
Dong Feng, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China

P.J. Downes Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Doyen Company, Brussels, Belgium
Doylestown Machine Company, Danboro, Pennsylvania
Drexler-Schlepper, Garmany?
Dubuque Truck & Tractor Company, Dubuque, Iowa
Dultra, Hungary
Duplex Machine Company, Battle Creek, Michigan
Dzik, Poland

E&W Company, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Eagle Mfg. Company, Appleton, Wisconsin
R.D. Eaglesfield, Indianapolis, Indiana
Earthmaster Farm Equipment, Hollydale, California
Clarence Eason, Meade County, Kansas
Eason-Wysong Company, Topeka, Kansas
Eastern Tractor Mfg. Company, Kingston, New York
C.J. Eastman, Washington, D.C.
Easton Tractor Mfg
Eaton Gas Engine Company, Eaton, Ohio
Eaton Machine Works, Jackson, Michigan
Eau Claire Implement Company, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Ebert Tractor Company, Chicago, Illinois
Ebert-Duryea Farm Tractor Company, Chicago, Illinois
Economic Power Company, Rochester, New York
Eimco Corporation, Salt Lake City, Utah
Elderfield Mecanics Company, Port Washington, Long Island, New York
Electric Tractor Company, Chicago, Illinois
Electric Wheel Company, Quincy, Illinois
Elgin Tractor Corporation, Elgin, Illinois
Elgin Tractor Corporation, Piqua, Ohio

Ellinwood Industries, Los Angeles, California
G.W. Elliott & Son, DeSmet, South Dakota
Ellis Engine Company, Detroit, Michigan
Elwood Tractor Company, Madison, Wisconsin
Emerson-Brantingham Company, Rockford, Illinois
Empire Tractor Corporation, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Engel Aircraft Company, Niles, Ohio
Engineering Products Company, Waukesha, Wisconsin
Enterprise Machine Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Erin Motor Plow Company, Van Etten, New York
A.J. Ersted, San Francisco, California
[Erwin Power Equipment Company, Omaha, Nebraska
Chester L. Eshelman Company, Baltimore, Maryland
Essex Tractor Company Ltd., Essex, Ontario, Canada
Evans & Barnhill, San Francisco, California
Evans Mfg. Company, Hudson, Ohio

Fiat (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino), Turin, Italy
Fageol Motors Company, Oakland, California
Fairbanks, Morse & Company, Chicago, Illinois
Fairbury Windmill Company, Fairbury, Nebraska

Fairmont Gas Engine & Railway Car Company, Fairmont, Minnesota
Famous Mfg. Company, Chicago, Illinois
Farm & Home Machinery Company, Orlando, Florida
Farm Engineering Company, Sand Springs, Oklahoma
Farm Horse Traction Works, Hartford, South Dakota and Guttenberg, Iowa

Farm Motors Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Farm Tractor Company, Indianapolis, Indiana
Farm Tractor Company, Fond du lac, Wisconsin

Farm Power Machinery Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Farm-Craft Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio
Farm-Ette, Mantua, Ohio
Farmall see IHC
Farmall Tractor Company, Cleveland, Ohio
Farmaster Corporation, Clifton, New Jersey

Farmers Mfg. Company, Kansas City, Missouri
Farmers Oil Tractor Company, Mason City, Iowa
Farmers Oil Tractor Company, Watertown, South Dakota

Farmers Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Farmers Tractor Corporation, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Farmers Tractor Sales Company, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Farmers Union Central Exchange, St. Paul, Minnesota
Farmobile Mfg. Company, Columbus, Ohio
A.B. Farquhar Company, York, Pennsylvania

Farwick Tractor Company, Chicago, Illinois
Fate-Root-Heath Company, Plymouth, Ohio
Federal Foundry Supply Company, Cleveland, Ohio
Federal Machine & Welder Company, Warren, Ohio
Federal Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Harry Ferguson Inc., Detroit, Michigan
Ferguson Mfg. Company, Belleville, Kansas
Fey Company, Augsburg, Germany
Field Marshall see Marshall, Sons & Co.
Filtz, French? European
Flinchbaugh Mfg. Company, York, Pennsylvania
Flour City see Kinnard-Haines
Foos Gas Engine Company, Springfield, Ohio
Foote Bros. Gear & Machine Company, Joliet, Illinois
Ford Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ford Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan

Four Drive Tractor Company, Big Rapids, Michigan
Four Wheel Tractor Company, Clintonville, Wisconsin

Four Wheel Traction Company, New York, New York
Fowell & Co. Limited, St Ives, Hunts, England
Fowler Steam Plough Works, Leeds, England
Fox River Tractor Company, Appleton, Wisconsin

Franklin Tractor Company, Greenville, Ohio
Franks Tractor Cultivator Company, Owensboro, Kentucky
Franks Welding Service, Escondido, California
Frazer Farm Equipment Corporation, York, Pennsylvania
C.E. Freeman Tractor Company, Little Rock, Arkansas
Frick Company, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
Friday Tractor Company, Hartford, Michigan
Froelich, Froelich, Iowa

Fulton Mfg. Company, St. Louis, Missouri
Fulton Tractor Company, Anderson, Indiana
FWD Wagner Inc., Portland, Oregon

Those colored in Red have been identified by someone here.
Blue is a model listed here with the manufacturers name following.

I want to thank David Parfitt for his website Steel Wheels and allowing the use of its info on the assembly of this list. Not that I am trying to forget anyone else's submissions so this list is possible. Thank You all.

A large list of tractors was used from the following website.

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 Post subject: Re: Tractor Manufacturers: Compiled from the Name Game
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Tractor Name Game

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 Post subject: Re: Tractor Manufacturers: Compiled from the Name Game
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Tractor Manufacturers G-L

Gaar, Scott & Company, Richmond, Indiana
William Galloway Company, Waterloo, Iowa
Gamble-Skogmo, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota
The Gamer Company, Fort Worth, Texas
Garden-All Tractor Inc., Liberty, Indiana
Garden Equipment Company, Portland, Oregon
Garden King Tractor Sales, Stratford, Connecticut
Garden Tractor & Equipment Company, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Garden Tractor Sales & Service, Los Angeles, California
Henry Garner Ltd., Birmingham, England
Garvar Tractor Corporation, New York, New York
Gas Traction Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Gasoline Thresher & Plow Company, Sterling, Kansas
Gasport Motor Company, Gasport, New York
Gearless see Union Iron Works
Gehl Bros. Mfg. Company, West Bend, Wisconsin
Geiser Mfg. Company, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
General Implement Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio
General Motors Corporation, Pontiac, Michigan
General Ordnance Company, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
General Tractor Company, Cleveland, Ohio
General Tractor Company, Detroit, Michigan
General Tractor Company, Seattle, Washington
General Tractors Inc., Chicago, Illinois
Genesee Tractor Company, Hilton, New York
Geneva Tractor Company, Geneva, Ohio
George Tractor Division, Memphis, Tennessee
GFH Corporation
Giant Gas Tractor Mfg. Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Gibson Mfg. Corporation, Longmont, Colorado
Gile Tractor & Engine Company, Ludington, Michigan
Gilson Mfg. Company, Port Washington, Wisconsin
Gladiator Mfg. Company, Los Angeles, California
Glasgow tractor, Glasgow Scottland
Globe Tractor Company, Stamford, Connecticut
Goodfield Tractor Company, Goodfield, Illinois
Goold, Shapley & Muir Company Ltd., Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Graham-Paige Motors Corporation, Detroit, Michigan
Grain Belt Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Gramont Traction Plow Company, Springfield, Ohio
Grand Forks Tractor Company, Fargo, North Dakota
Grand Haven Stamped Products Company, Grand Haven, Michigan
S.A. Grant, Thompsonville, Connecticut
Gravely Motor Plow & Cultivator Company, Dunbar, West Virginia
Gray Company Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota
Gray Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Great Lakes Tractor Company, Rock Creek, Ohio
Great Western Motor Company, San Jose, California
Great Western Tractor Company, Council Bluffs, Iowa
Ground Hog Tractor Company, Detroit & Holly, Michigan
Guardian Motors Company, Norfolk, Virginia
Gunsmith, Great Britain

Haas Foundry Company, Racine, Wisconsin
Hackney Mfg. Company, St. Paul, Minnesota
Hadfield-Penfield Steel Company, Bucyrus, Ohio
Hagan Gas Engine & Mfg. Company, Winchester, Kentucky
Paul Hainke Mfg. Company, Hutchinson, Kansas
Hake Tractor Company
Hamilton Gear & Machine Company, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hamlin Mfg. Company, Greensboro, North Carolina
Handt Tractor Company, Waterloo, Iowa
Han-D-Trac Company, Kansas City, Missouri
Haney Corporation, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hanomag (Hannoversche Maschinenbau AG), Hanover, Germany
Happy Farmer Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
A.W. Harpstrite, Mowequa, Illinois
Harris Mfg. Company, Stockton, California
A.T. Harrow Tractor Company, Detroit, Michigan
Hart-Parr Company, Madison, Wisconsin
C.W. Hart, Wauwotosa, Wisconsin
Hebb Motors Company, Lincoln, Nebraska
Heer Engine Company, Portsmouth, Ohio
Hefty Tractor Company, Madison, Wisconsin
Heider Mfg. Company, Carroll, Iowa
Heinss Motor Plow Company, Fort Wayne, Indiana
J. O. Heinz see Traction Engine Co.
Heinz & Munschauer, Cleveland, Ohio
Frank Held Tractor Company, Columbus, Ohio
Joshua Hendy Iron Works, Sunnyvale, California
Henneuse Tractor Company, Sacramento, California
Henry, Millard & Henry Company, York, Pennsylvania
Herbert Tractor Company, Detroit, Michigan
Hercules Tractor Company, Evansville, Indiana
Hero Mfg. Company, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Hession Tractor & Tiller Corporation, Buffalo, New York
Hicks Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Highway Tractor Company, Jackson, Michigan
Hiller Engineering Corporation, Redwood City, California
J.A. Hockett, Sterling, Kansas
Hoke Mfg. Company, New Carlisle, Indiana
Hoke Tractor Company, South Bend, Indiana
Hollis Tractor Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
J.S. Holmes, Beloit, Wisconsin
Holmes Mfg. Company, Port Clinton, Ohio
Holt Mfg. Company, Stockton, California
Holton Tractor Company, Indianapolis, Indiana
Homer Laughlin Engine Company, Los Angeles, California
Homestead Tractor Corporation, New York, New York
Hoosier Wheel & Tractor Company, Franklin, Indiana
Hornsby-Akroyd, Richard Hornsby & Sons of Grantham, Lincolnshire, EnglandHoward Auto Cultivators PTY Limited, Australia
Hoyse Tractor Company, South Bend, Indiana
HSCS (Hofherr, Schrantz, Clayton & Shuttleworth), Kispest, Hungary
Huber Mfg. Company, Marion, Ohio
Hudkins Tractor Company, Salina, Kansas
Huffman Traction Engine Company, Kenton, Ohio
Humber-Anderson Mfg. Company, St. Paul, Minnesota
Hume Mfg. Company, Hume, Illinois
Hunter Tractor Company, Los Angeles, California
Huron Engineering Company, Belleville, Michigan
Huron Tractor Company, Detroit, Michigan
H.L. Hurst Mfg. Company, Greenwich, Ohio

Illinois Tractor Company, Bloomington, Illinois
Imperial Mfg. Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Independent Harvester Company, Plano, Illinois
Independent Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Indiana Farm Bureau Co-Op, Shelbyville, Indiana
Indiana Silo & Tractor Company, Anderson, Indiana
Inexco Tractor Corporation, New York, New York
Inland-American Tractor Company, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Intercontinental Mfg. Company, Garland, Texas
International Cultivator Company, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
International Gas Engine Company, Cudahy, Wisconsin
International Harvester Company, Chicago, Illinois
Interstate Engine & Tractor Company, Waterloo, Iowa
Iron Horse Tractor Company, Kansas City, Missouri
Iron Horse Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Iron Horse Sales Company, Los Angeles, California
Isaacson Iron Works, Seattle, Washington
Ivel Agricultural Motor Co., Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, England

W.S. Jardine, Omaha, Nebraska
Jelbart Oil Tractor, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Jenson Mfg. Company, Alhambra, California
Jewell Tractor & Truck Company, Boston, Massachusetts
Jiffy Till, LaMesa, California
Johnson Farm Equipment Company, Streator, Illinois
John Deere, Moline, Illinois
Joliet Oil Tractor Company, Joliet, Illinois
Jones Mfg. Company, Colby, Kansas
Joshua Hendy Iron Works, Sunnyvale, California
Joy-McVicker Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
J-T Tractor Company, Cleveland, Ohio
Jumbo Steel Products, Azusa, California

Kansas City Hay Press Company, Kansas City, Missouri
Kansas Mfg. Company, Wichita, Kansas
Kardell Truck & Tractor Company, St. Louis, Missouri
Kaws Tractor Company, Indianapolis, Indiana
Kaywood Corporation, Benton Harbor, Michigan
KC 4-Drive Sales Company, Kansas City, Missouri
Horace Keane Aeroplanes Inc., New York & Stanley, New York
Keck-Gonnerman Company, Mt. Vernon, Indiana
Kenison Mfg. Company, Solomon, Kansas
Kenney-Colwell Tractor Company, Norfolk, Nebraska
Keystone Iron & Steel Works, Los Angeles, California
Killen-Strait Mfg. Company/Killen-Walsh Mfg. Company, Appleton, Wisconsin
Kimble & Dentler Company Vicksburg, Michigan, Vicksburg, Michigan
King-Wyse Inc., Archbold, Ohio
Kinkead Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Kinnard-Haines Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Klumb Engine & Machine Company, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
W. Chandler Knapp, Minneapolis, Minnesota & Rochester, New York
Knickerbocker Motors Inc., Poughkeepsie, New York
Wm. Knudsen, Fremont, Nebraska
Kohl Tractor Company, Cleveland, Ohio
Komnick Tractor, West Prussia
Kreider Machine Company, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Kroyer Motors Company, San Pedro, California
Kruger Mfg. Company, Marshalltown, Iowa
L.C. Kuhnert & Company/Kuhnert & Ryde Company, Chicago, Illinois
Kultor King Mfg. Company, Portland, Oregon
Kut-Kwick Tool Corporation, Brunswick, Georgia

L.A. Auto Tractor Company, Los Angeles, California
La Crosse Boiler Company, La Crosse, Wisconsin
La Crosse Tractor Company, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Lambert Gas Engine Company, Anderson, Indiana
Lambert Mfg. Company, Los Angeles, California
Lamson Truck & Tractor Company, Wausau, Wisconsin
Landini, Fabbrico, Italy
Lang Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Lanz, Mannheim, Germany
Lapeer Tractor Company, Lapeer, Michigan
LaPlant-Choate Manufacturing Company, Cedar Rapids & Marshalltown, Iowa
Homer Laughlin Engineers Corporation, Los Angeles, California
Laughlin Tractor Company, Marshall, Texas
Laurel Mfg. Company, Denver, Colorado
Stephen Laurenchick & Company, Toledo, Ohio
Laurin & Klement, Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic
C.P. & J. Lauson, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
John Lauson Mfg. Company, New Holstein, Wisconsin

Lawter Tractor Company, St. Marys, Ohio
Leader Engine Company, Detroit, Michigan
Leader Tractor Mfg. Company, Cleveland, Ohio
Leader Tractor Mfg. Company, Des Moines, Iowa

Harry W. Leavitt, Waterloo, Iowa
LeClaire Mfg. Company, LeClaire, Iowa
Legner Engineering Works, Littleton, California
Leland Detroit Mfg. Company, Detroit, Michigan
Leyland, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England
Lenox Motor Car Company, Hyde Park, Massachusetts
Leonard Tractor Company, Gary, Indiana
Levene Motor Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Liberty Tractor Company, Dubuque, Iowa
Liberty Tractor Company, Hammond, Indiana
Liberty Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Lincoln Steel Works, Lincoln, Nebraska
Lincoln Tractor & Farm Implement Company, Sandusky, Ohio
Lincoln Tractor Company, Los Angeles, California
Line Drive Tractor Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Linn Mfg. Company, Morris, New York
Lion Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Litchfield Mfg. Company, Waterloo, Iowa
Little Dilly Tractor Works, Wichita Falls, Texas
Little Giant Company, Mankato, Minnesota
Little Oak, Minneapolis or Willmar, MN

C.M. Livingston & Son, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Lobb Bros., Fairmont, Minnesota
Lodge & Shipley Company, Cincinnati, Ohio
Lombard Auto-Tractor-Truck Corporation, New York, New York
London Motor Plow Company, Springfield, Ohio
Long Mfg. Company, Tarboro, North Carolina
A.H. Loomis, Belleville, Kansas
Los Angeles Motor Car Company, Los Angeles, California
Louisville Motor Plow Company, Louisville, Kentucky
Love Tractor Company, Eau Claire, Michigan
Harry A. Lowther Company, Shelbyville, Indiana
Lyons Atlas Company, Indianapolis, Indiana

Those colored in Red have been identified by someone here.
Blue is a model listed here with the manufacturers name following.

I want to thank David Parfitt for his website Steel Wheels and allowing the use of its info on the assembly of this list. Not that I am trying to forget anyone else's submissions so this list is possible. Thank You all.

A large list of tractors was used from the following website.

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G: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=13137

H: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=13156

I: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=13182

J: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=13194

K: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=13234

L: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=13251

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Tractor Manufacturers M-R

McCadden Machine Works, St. Cloud, Minnesota
S. McChesney, Pipestone, Minnesota
McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, Chicago, Illinois
McCormick Tractor Company, Denver, Colorado
Tyler McDonald, LaMesa, California
McDonald Castles, Richmond, Melbourne, Australia
McDougall-Duluth Company, Duluth, Minnesota
McFarland & Westmont Tractor Company, Sauk City, Wisconsin
McIntyre Mfg. Company, Columbus, Ohio
McKinney Traction Cultivator Company, St. Louis, Missouri
D.M. McLaughlin Company, Emeryville, California
McVicker Engineering Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
M&M Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Macultivator Company, Sandusky, Ohio
Magnet Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Manitoba Universal Farm Tractor Company Ltd., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Manley Engineering & Machine Works, Copley, Ohio
Marine Iron Works, Tacoma, Washington
Market Garden Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Maroa Motor Plow Company, Maroa, Illinois
Marschke Motor Plow Company, Valley City, North Dakota
Marshall, Sons & Co., Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Martin Tractor Company, Indianapolis, Indiana
Martin Tractor Company, Springfield, Massachusetts
Marvel Tractor Company, Columbus, Ohio
Massey-Harris Company/Massey-Ferguson Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Racine, Wisconsin/Detroit, Michigan
Master Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Masterbilt Truck & Tractor Company, Decatur, Illinois
Matteson and Williamson Manufacturing Co, California
Matthews Tractor Company, Brockport, New York
Maxfer Truck & Tractor Company, Harvey, Illinois
Maxim Munitions Corporation, New York, New York
Maxwell Motor Sales Corporation, Detroit, Michigan
Mayer Brothers Company, Mankato, Minnesota
Mayrath Incorporated, Dodge City, Kansas
Maytag Company, Newton, Iowa
M.B.M. Mfg. Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mead-Morrison Mfg. Company, Boston, Massachusetts
Mead Specialties Company Inc., Chicago, Illinois
Megow Tractor Company, St. Paul, Minnesota
Melin Industries, Cleveland, Ohio
Mellinger Mfg. Company, Willow Street, Pennsylvania
Mercer-Robinson Company Inc., New York, New York
Mercury Mfg. Company, Chicago, Illinois
Merry Mfg. Company, Edmonds, Washington
Messinger Mfg. Company, Tatamy, Pennsylvania
Metal Products Corporation, Racine, Wisconsin
W.E. Metzler Company, Azusa, California
J. J. Meyer, Shepard, Michigan
M.F.M. Combination Saw & Machinery Company, Denton, Texas
Michigan Tractor Company, Detroit, Michigan
Middletown Machine Company, Middletown, Ohio
Midget Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Midland Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Midland Tractor Company, Detroit, Michigan
Midwest Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Midwest Engine Company, Indianapolis, Indiana
Milwaukee Equipment Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Minneapolis-Moline Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis Steel & Machinery Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis Threshing Machine Company, Hopkins, Minnesota
Minnesota-Nilson Corporation, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minnesota Farm Tractor Company, St. Cloud, Minnesota
Minnesota Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mitchell Motor Plow Company, Pueblo, Colorado
Mobile Tractor Company, Mobile, Alabama
Model Gas Engine Works, Peru, Indiana
Moline Plow Company, Moline, Illinois
Monarch Tractor Company, Springfield, Illinois
Monroe Motors, Pontiac, Michigan
Montana Tractor Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Montana Tractor Company, Oconto, Wisconsin
Montana Tractor Company, Tinley Park, Illinois
Moon Tractor Company, San Francisco, California
Tom Moore Tractor Inc., Mantua, Ohio
Morgan Engine Works, Alliance, Ohio
Geo. W. Morris, Racine, Wisconsin
Otho A. Morris, Wichita Falls, Texas
S.S. Morton, York, Pennsylvania
Morton-Heer Company, Portsmouth, Ohio
Morton Motor Plow Company, Columbus, Ohio
Morton Tractor Company, Fremont, Ohio
Morton Truck & Tractor Company, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Motor Driven Implement Company, Galion, Ohio
Motor Macultivator Company, Toledo, Ohio
Motor Truck & Tractor Company, Knoxville, Tennessee
B.H. Mott Company, Huntington, West Virginia
Mountain State Fabricating Company, Clarksburg, West Virginia
M-R-S Mfg. Company, Flora, Mississippi
Muir Hill (Engineers) Ltd, Old Trafford, Manchester, England
Mulsifier Corporation, Detroit, Michigan
Multi-Tractor Company, Lincoln, Nebraska
Multonomah Mfg. Company, Portland, Oregon
Muncie Wheel Company, Muncie, Indiana
Muscatine Motor Company, Muscatine, Iowa
Mustang Motorcycle Corporation, Glendale, California

Those colored in Red have been identified by someone here.
Blue is a model listed here with the manufacturers name following.

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Sorry I haven't been able to do much on this lately. Life has gotten in the way and won't leave me alone too work on this again. Will make another nice winter project.

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Hopefully I can resurrect this "game" in a few weeks. Winter is almost here for us.

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Iron Baron
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You get settled in for the winter you will have lots of time. It's been kind of a topsy turvey year for you I know.

One can go into a wild country and make it tame,
but, like a coat & cap & mittens that he can never take off,
he must always carry the look of the land as it was.
He can drive his plow through the nigger-wool,
make fields and roads go every way, build him a fine house
and wear the stiff collar, and yet he will always look like the grass where
the buffalo have eaten and smell of the new ground he has trod.


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Thanks Howard, Yes it has been crazy. But I do need something to divert my attention and remain sane. LOL

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