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NAFA held an emergency board meeting Sunday March 24th to discuss the TRAN route for this year. Because our route takes us through some of the most devastated flooded areas of Nebraska, we have made the decision to shorten the drive to only the last three days of the original drive. The drive will begin Thursday, June 6th at Bob Gerdes place, south of Gretna, to Syracuse; Friday, June 7th Syracuse to Brownville; Saturday, June 8th Brownville to Falls City. We will continue our donation for Operation Comfort Warriors on the route, however, we voted to immediately donate $2000 from NAFA to a local American Legion Post to aid those that are in need from the flooding in some of the area that we drove in 2018. We hope you will all understand that want to respect those in the areas that need rebuilding from the flood; keep our tractor family bond; and be Nebraska Strong
Our plan is to revisit this route in 2021.
We hope everyone is safe and healthy and the flood waters and snow leave our state alone so everyone can recover.

Tractor Relay Across Nebraska 2017 was recognized as a 150 Nebraska event

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Again this year the Nebraska Antique farming Association is teaming with the American Legion to raise funds for the Operation Comfort Warrior program. We welcome your donations in the name of the Tractor Relay Across Nebraska


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June 6 Gretna - Syracuse
June 7 Syracuse - Brownville Roger & Kathy Sanders
June 8 Browville - Fall City Roger & Kathy Sanders

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